Wisconsin Collaborative for Quality Healthcare


The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) builds consensus and drives improvement by practicing these values:

Trust: Avoid using performance data for market advantage or purposes other than the advancement of WCHQ's mission.

Participation: Regularly contribute to and/or participate in dialogue, capacity-building and the identification and sharing of best practices, striving for the highest standards of quality.

Inclusiveness: Conduct deliberations and make decisions by methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties.

Shared Responsibility: Fulfill WCHQ's mission through commitment and participation that enhance the capacity for individual growth and institutional improvement.

Openness: Transcend competitive and intellectual boundaries and roles that limit or diminish learning.

Adaptive Self-Governance: Practice concepts and processes that encourage adaptability, diversity, flexibility and innovation.

Intellectual Output: Use findings generated by the measures in ways that most benefit all in WCHQ and lead to improved healthcare outcomes for all who seek healthcare services in Wisconsin.

Acknowledgment: Openly and fairly acknowledge intellectual contributions to concepts, theories and practices, both from inside and outside of WCHQ.

Transparency: Openly share data and processes among member organizations and the public.