Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality

Measurement Approach

Measurement Approach for WCHQ

WCHQ publicly reports a broad and growing collection of health care performance measures that evaluate ambulatory and hospital care.

Measures are publicly reported on this website.

View WCHQ Ambulatory Care Measures.

WCHQ member organizations — which include health systems, medical and dental groups and hospitals — voluntarily collect and submit data related to the services that they provide. WCHQ validates the data, ensuring that it accurately reflects evidence-based standards. WCHQ then publishes the results, so health care providers, purchasers and consumers can compare the performance of member organizations.

Public reporting has been shown to stimulate and catalyze quality improvement and greater efficiency among health care providers.

WCHQ's Unique Approach: All Patients, All Payers

Many other healthcare reporting organizations rely exclusively on administrative claims from commercial insurers to create their performance measures. Such claims-based reports exclude Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay patients, which account for nearly 50 percent of clinical practice.

Physicians, data analysts and quality specialists from the WCHQ membership have developed ambulatory care specifications that capture all patients and all payers. By uniting claims, clinical and patient data, WCHQ tracks each provider's entire practice. This comprehensive approach enables WCHQ to create a sophisticated measure set that evaluates both clinical processes and intermediate outcomes, such as A1c and blood pressure.

Innovative Data Submission

WCHQ has created an innovative "Repository Based Data Submission" (RBS) tool, which allows WCHQ member organizations to directly submit patient level data files for processing and reporting.

RBS provides important benefits for WCHQ members:

  • Time savings when querying and aggregating data;
  • Increased efficiency during data validation;
  • Reduced programming burden;
  • Ready access to patient level data for internal testing and reporting; and
  • CMS data submission vendor through a subsidiary, Physician Compass, for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) as well as the clinical quality measure component of the Medicare Electronic Health Record Incentive Program.

When using RBS, WCHQ member organizations create a global file of patient demographic, encounter and clinical data. This global file encompasses data from all available sources, including electronic health record software, billing systems, lab information and medication lists.

Once WCHQ members upload their global data, the RBS system's centrally programmed measure specifications calculate performance results for both public reporting on the WCHQ website and custom reporting within member organizations. RBS also generates measure results for individual providers participating in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

The RBS data submission and storage processes comply with HIPAA regulatory requirements, as verified by independent audit.