Wisconsin Collaborative for Quality Healthcare

Measurement & Quality Initiatives

Commonwealth Fund Case Study of WCHQ
2007 — 2008

With support from The Commonwealth Fund, WCHQ became the subject of an in-depth qualitative study of its development and impact. Ann Lennarson Greer, PhD, professor of sociology and urban studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, conducted 31 interviews with healthcare executives from the WCHQ membership, purchasing partners, state officials, and WCHQ staff.

In her case study, Embracing Accountability, Lennarson Greer explored WCHQ's origin and operational tenants. She found that WCHQ successfully engages physicians in performance measurement and reporting initiatives by (1) emphasizing quality of care as the goal of reporting, (2) ensuring that performance data meet scientific standards of validity and reliability, (3) creating standard measures that are applicable to all sites, and (4) sharing best practices.

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