Wisconsin Collaborative for Quality Healthcare

Measurement & Quality Initiatives

Statewide Value Committee (SVC)
2011 — Present

WCHQ serves on the leadership council of the Wisconsin Statewide Value Committee (SVC), a coalition of approximately 30 organizations aligning their efforts and incentives to drive healthcare value - the delivery of better quality care at a lower cost - in this state.

First convened by Dr. John Toussaint of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value in 2011, the SVC acts from the premise that all participants in healthcare's complex environment - including providers, purchasers, payers, government, and individuals - must commit to realizing greater value.

The SVC is laying groundwork for improved healthcare value through its collaborative effort to develop a core set of performance metrics to measure quality and cost in Wisconsin. WCHQ kicked off this process through the multi-stakeholder Wisconsin Measures Alignment Project, and the work now continues under the SVC's leadership. Its goal is to reduce the current excess of measurement demands, which consume the limited resources of healthcare providers and other stakeholders without generating real value. The SVC seeks to bolster measure alignment with efforts in care redesign and payment reform.

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