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Chris Queram,
President and CEO
From the President & CEO...
Making the business case for public reporting

Several years ago WCHQ saw an opportunity to use its innovative work as a foundation for research to help inform and advance the set of activities related to performance measurement and improvement. Why? Because in healthcare, evidence matters. Thus, the physician leaders of WCHQ recognized the need to show that it is beneficial to use time and resources to collect and publicly report comparative performance measures in order to make a solid business case for our work.

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We dramatically improve the health and increase the value of healthcare for the people of Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality publicly reports and brings meaning to performance measurement information that improves the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin, in turn improving the health of individuals and communities.

Matt Gigot
Project Analyst
The Analyst’s Perspective
Beginning to explore disparities in quality

One of the goals highlighted in WCHQ’s new strategic framework is an increased focus on disparities in healthcare quality and how performance differs within diverse groups of patients. Addressing and mitigating disparities is a challenging proposition. Many of the factors that may impact disparities found in the WCHQ performance measures are, to some degree, outside the control of the clinical setting. However, only by beginning to study and understand these disparities, can we determine if there is anything WCHQ member organizations can do to reduce them. This column is intended to start this process.

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Peter T. Geiss, M.D.
New to the board - Peter T. Geiss, M.D.
A periodic feature introducing new WCHQ board members

Meet Peter T. Geiss, M.D., WCHQ’s newest board member. A member of the WCHQ board since April, Dr. Geiss has held numerous leadership positions within ProHealth Care and has been in private practice in internal medicine and geriatrics. Presently he serves as president, ProHealth Care Clinic Division, ProHealth Care Medical Associates.

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Wisconsin Health Reports - engaging consumers with a storytelling approach

WCHQ routinely gets extremely positive feedback about its website – – from healthcare professionals as well as groups and individuals, both in Wisconsin and nationally. However, the Wisconsin-based leadership team for the implementation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative was looking for ways to broaden its reach to share comparative provider data specifically with consumers. It became readily apparent that a uniquely different approach was necessary to provide meaningful and understandable healthcare information to consumers. From these discussions, the web site was transformed in January from a portal which simply directed site visitors to the WCHQ or Wisconsin Hospital Association web sites, to a unique destination site created for consumers.

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