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Chris Queram,
President and CEO
From the President & CEO...
Building a stronger foundation for improvement

As mentioned before in this column, in January of last year the WCHQ board approved a new strategic framework for our organization to reflect the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. The board deserves significant credit for its foresight in recognizing that, while developing and publicly reporting performance measures remains a core value for WCHQ, it is not an end in and of itself. Rather, measurement is a foundational tool with which to help patients make informed decisions about their health care; to support the development of new models of reimbursement for improved outcomes and overall “value”; and, of course, to help our members improve performance.

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We dramatically improve the health and increase the value of healthcare for the people of Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality publicly reports and brings meaning to performance measurement information that improves the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin, in turn improving the health of individuals and communities.

Matt Gigot
Project Analyst
The Analyst’s Perspective
Diabetes: looking at improvement data

In this quarter’s edition of the WCHQ newsletter, my colleague Tom Ludwig outlines an exciting collaboration between WCHQ and the University of Wisconsin Health Innovation Program (HIP). This collaboration will focus on how WCHQ member organizations are using data to drive quality improvement, and will culminate in a diabetes learning event to be held in early September in which several of our members will share their experiences using data to improve performance in the WCHQ diabetes measures.

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Ruth Yarbrough
New to the board – Ruth Yarbrough
A periodic feature introducing new WCHQ board members

Meet Ruth Yarbrough, WCHQ’s newest board member. A member of the board since January, Ruth serves as a vice president at Mercy Health System, based in Janesville. As a member of the executive team, she has responsibility for a diverse array of operations and services.

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Tom Ludwig
Leveraging data to improve diabetes care

The WCHQ/HIP Diabetes Partnership Project is a collaboration of WCHQ and the University of Wisconsin’s Health Innovation Program (HIP). The goal of this exciting project is to create a learning event that will help WCHQ members improve the care they provide to their patients who have diabetes.

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