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Chris Queram,
President and CEO
From the President & CEO...
Calling all members – two key projects deserve your engagement

Our organization moves forward when engaged thought leaders and decision makers from our membership make a commitment to undertake initiatives that are designed to help improve health and increase the value of healthcare in Wisconsin. Two such initiatives are currently underway – the Consumer Reports healthcare ratings pilot project and the Colorectal Cancer Screening Project. Each of these key projects warrants careful consideration by our member organizations.

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We dramatically improve the health and increase the value of healthcare for the people of Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality publicly reports and brings meaning to performance measurement information that improves the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin, in turn improving the health of individuals and communities.

Matt Gigot
Project Analyst
The Analyst’s Perspective
A peek behind the clicks –
WCHQ public reporting site analytics

When people ask me what I do for a living, they usually give me a somewhat glazed-over look once I get into the details of my day‑to‑day work. However, when I explain how WCHQ collects and publicly reports clinical quality data, people almost always understand the public reporting aspect of what WCHQ does and its importance in the current healthcare environment.

While WCHQ does many different things, from facilitating shared learning to collecting and validating performance measures, it is the public reporting piece that is the most visible and understandable to the general public. Given that, I thought I would spend some time in this issue discussing who visits WCHQ’s public reporting website ( and their utilization patterns. Read more

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Gregory G. Blommel, M.D.
New to the board – Gregory G. Blommel, M.D.
A periodic feature introducing new WCHQ board members

In this edition of News & Views we feature WCHQ’s newest board member – Gregory G. Blommel, M.D. A member of the WCHQ board since March 2012, Dr. Blommel has held several leadership positions within Froedtert Health Medical Group and one of its predecessor organizations, Synergy Health. A practicing internist, Dr. Blommel also presently serves as the chief medical officer/vice president of medical affairs for Froedtert Health Medical Group, and is based in West Bend.

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Mary Riordan
WCHQ adds first-ever director of member engagement

The success of a membership-driven organization such as WCHQ lies in a compelling vision, an engaged board of directors and vibrant programs that meet the needs of its members and stakeholder partners. Mary Riordan has joined WCHQ as its director of member engagement and assumes the lead responsibility for strengthening the value of WCHQ.

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