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A continuing source of motivation for the staff of WCHQ is the desire that our work support each member organization’s strategies to improve the quality of care for its patients. Our first annual membership survey suggests that we are on the right track, as the results indicate a high level of satisfaction with WCHQ and the value of membership. As one member representative reports in the survey, “[WCHQ] provided our organization with information to help us prioritize our improvement efforts and ultimately improve the quality of care provided to our patients.”

Additionally, we’ve continued to make significant progress in advancing one of the WCHQ board’s highest strategic priorities – to identify avenues by which to reduce the growing measurement burden resulting from multiple and often uncoordinated demands for data. Our response has been focused on working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine a way for data submitted by provider organizations to groups like WCHQ to be deemed to have met CMS data needs, as well as our involvement with the Statewide Value Committee’s Wisconsin Measurement Alignment Project (WIMAP). In this column I will report on our membership survey results and the real progress made over the last several months by both the CMS and WIMAP initiatives.

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The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality publicly reports and brings meaning to performance measurement information that improves the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin, in turn improving the health of individuals and communities.

Driving Meaningful Change

The inaugural
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September, 2012
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Matt Gigot
Senior Clinical
Data Analyst
The Analyst’s Perspective
Leveraging the WHIO Data to Analyze Total Knee Replacement Bundles

In the past few years one of the most talked about healthcare payment reform mechanisms has been the idea of utilizing bundled payment to pay for the services surrounding healthcare procedures. Nationally, Wisconsin has been on the leading edge of payment reform initiatives, specifically through the efforts of the Partnership for Healthcare Payment Reform (PHPR) and its bundled payment pilots around total knee replacement and diabetes.

WCHQ member organizations have expressed a keen interest in interpreting Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) data and understanding how it can be used for multiple purposes. Fortunately, WHIO data works well for analyzing cost and resource use for bundled payment. I want to talk today about an analysis of total knee replacement bundles that WHIO Program Manager Sara Jensen and I performed using the WHIO data.

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Froedtert Health Medical Group – West Bend Clinic: a breakthrough improvement in diabetes care

With a constancy of purpose, persistence, clear messaging and a focus on data, the leadership at Froedtert Health Medical Group – West Bend Clinic led their organization to breakthrough improvement in treating its patients with diabetes.

In 2011 Froedtert Health Medical Group (FHMG) – West Bend Clinic knew they needed to address how they treated their patients with chronic illness(es). When they found through their WCHQ data that their results on numerous measures had essentially been flat since 2007, they realized something needed to change. One measure in particular got their attention. They found themselves near the bottom of the WCHQ rankings on the Diabetes: All-or-None Outcome measure, with 12.95 percent of their diabetic patients meeting the optimal results standard on the three measures.1 “Our goal overall was to improve our chronic illness care results and diabetes care emerged as our first target,” said Gregory Blommel, M. D., chief medical officer/vice president of medical affairs of FHMG – West Bend Clinic.

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Clyde “Bud” Chumbley, MD, MBA
WCHQ welcomes Clyde “Bud” Chumbley, MD, MBA back to the Board

In this edition of News & Views we feature a new WCHQ board member that should be very familiar to many WCHQ members and stakeholders – Clyde “Bud” Chumbley, MD, MBA. After a two year hiatus in Texas, Dr. Chumbley rejoins the board as a representative of the Aspirus health system, where he serves in a new role as both president of Aspirus Clinics and chief clinical integration officer for the Aspirus health system.

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