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Accelerating value through collaboration

I recently attended (and presented) at a conference on quality and cost transparency, where speaker after speaker asserted that the most important work involving performance measurement reporting and its use for improvement, payment and consumer engagement activities is happening on the state level. While this theme has been playing out in the Badger state for much of the past decade, it takes on a new connotation as the Statewide Value Committee (SVC) (News & Views, Fall 2012) prepares to enter 2014 with a new structure and agenda that positions Wisconsin to continue to show the nation how performance measures are used to transform care.

The progress achieved through the Wisconsin Measurement Alignment Project (WIMAP) – convened under the sponsorship of the SVC – has shown there is significant benefit in convening a group of stakeholders to undertake a collaborative decision process in order to make critical advances in the use of performance measurement. And, the recent formation of the Leadership Council, a multi-stakeholder subset of the SVC, will serve as a Wisconsin version of the measurement alignment work that is talked about on a national level.

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We dramatically improve the health and increase the value of healthcare for the people of Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality publicly reports and brings meaning to performance measurement information that improves the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin, in turn improving the health of individuals and communities.

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Driving Meaningful Change

The inaugural
Driving Meaningful Change Award presented to the Wisconsin Collaborative
for Healthcare Quality
September, 2012
by The Business
Health Care Group

Matt Gigot,
Senior Clinical
Data Analyst
The Analyst’s Perspective
Analyzing our past to inform our future

In the fall edition of the Analyst’s Column (News & Views, Fall 2013) I wrote about WCHQ’s new internal member scorecard, a tool which will be used to identify areas of needed performance improvement as WCHQ begins to focus on improvement initiatives in addition to measurement. In November the WCHQ board of directors reviewed the member scorecard and identified three areas of focus for collective performance improvement: diabetes, hypertension, and preventive screening.

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George Kerwin,
President and CEO,
Bellin Health
Mark Thompson, MD
Chief Medical Officer,
Monroe Clinic
WCHQ board presidency – a passing of the baton

In this edition of News & Views we feature two board members – one who is completing his two-year tenure as board president and another who is about to assume that leadership position. George Kerwin, president and CEO of Bellin Health is ending his term at the end of the year and will be followed in this role by Mark Thompson, MD, who serves as the chief medical officer at Monroe Clinic. Recently, both reflected on WCHQ’s many recent successes and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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