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Launching WCHQ’s Quality Improvement Initiative

Last year WCHQ’s board of directors made an important decision to position the Collaborative as a quality improvement organization (News & Views Summer 2013) as a natural complement to our significant experience and reputation for performance measurement. This move was seen as both timely and necessary in helping our member organizations reach their performance improvement goals. In turn, this critical effort directly supports our vision and mission to increase healthcare value and improve the health of the people of Wisconsin – putting it on equal footing with our original focus on performance measurement and reporting.

In the 16 months following the board’s decision, we have laid a solid foundation to support our member organizations in identifying areas of improvement, setting goals and developing a path to achieve them. Our accomplishments include determining improvement targets in three key areas, establishing a Quality Planning Committee of members and stakeholders to provide crucial direction, and initiating quality improvement steering teams – focused on each of the targeted areas – to develop goals and investigate and disseminate improvement strategies.

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We dramatically improve the health and increase the value of healthcare for the people of Wisconsin.


The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality publicly reports and brings meaning to performance measurement information that improves the quality and affordability of healthcare in Wisconsin, in turn improving the health of individuals and communities.

Driving Meaningful Change

The inaugural
Driving Meaningful Change Award presented to the Wisconsin Collaborative
for Healthcare Quality
September, 2012
by The Business
Health Care Group

Judy Nowicki
Meghan Meeker
Teamwork to improve care

Join us for a conversation with Judy Nowicki and Meghan Meeker, WCHQ quality improvement specialists, about the new steering teams that are working to develop improvement goals and best-practice interventions in three targeted areas: diabetes, hypertension and colorectal cancer screening.

WCHQ members, as well as key stakeholders from public and private organizations, are represented on the steering teams which include clinicians, clinic managers, quality specialists and others with expertise in the targeted improvement areas. Judy and Meghan offer staff support to help facilitate their work.

Judy Nowicki, MPA, BSN, RN
Judy leads our two quality improvement steering teams targeting diabetes and colorectal cancer screening. Prior to joining the WCHQ staff this April, Judy held roles as a bedside RN in med-surg and critical care, a nurse manager and director of nursing at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield, Wisconsin. She is a trained green belt with extensive experience in facilitating teams to improve quality and efficiency. Judy is looking forward to applying these skills toward advancing WCHQ’s new quality improvement initiative.

Meghan Meeker
Meghan leads the steering team focused on improving hypertension care and outcomes. Building upon six years of experience with WCHQ in multiple roles, Meghan is thrilled to start a new position as quality improvement specialist. She enjoys collaborating with our members and stakeholders to promote better health and healthcare in Wisconsin.

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