Wisconsin Collaborative for Quality Healthcare

WCHQ Improvement Toolkits Available on HIPxChange

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) is partnering with the Health Innovation Program (HIP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to make three improvement toolkits – focused on diabetes, hypertension, and colorectal cancer screening – publicly available through the HIPxChange website, dedicated to translating knowledge into clinical practice to improve healthcare delivery and health outcomes.

WCHQ Improvement Toolkits

The WCHQ toolkits present evidence-based strategies and a variety of supporting resources that healthcare provider organizations can use to improve care and outcomes in three areas:

  • Blood sugar (A1c) control for patients with diabetes
  • Blood pressure control for patients with hypertension
  • Screening for colorectal cancer

What do the toolkits contain?

Prepared by WCHQ’s quality improvement steering teams – composed of clinical, quality, and operational leaders from Wisconsin healthcare provider organizations, as well as subject-matter experts from other key stakeholders – each toolkit contains:

  • Improvement strategies that offer the combined advantages of being evidence based and effective, without requiring provider organizations to purchase expensive new technology or hire more staff
  • Resources – e.g., guidelines, protocols, workflows, EHR screenshots, videos, web links – to support implementing these strategies

Who should use the toolkits?

The WCHQ toolkits are designed for administrators, clinicians, and staff within healthcare provider organizations who are seeking improvement strategies and tools for diabetes, hypertension, or colorectal cancer screening. The toolkits may also interest others – e.g., researchers, payers – involved with quality improvement activities in the ambulatory setting.

How to Access the Toolkits

The WCHQ toolkits are publicly available on the HIPxChange website:

When downloading a toolkit, you will be prompted to register (at no cost) within HIPxChange. This allows WCHQ and HIP to gather information about how the toolkits are being used.

Questions? Please contact Meghan Meeker, WCHQ, at 608-826-6838 or mmeeker@wchq.org.