Wisconsin Collaborative for Quality Healthcare

Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center Recognized for Diabetes Treatment

Marshfield Clinic, Minocqua Center was recently selected by the WCHQ Diabetes Quality Improvement Steering Team to host a peer learning site visit on February 18, 2016. They are one of the top clinics in WCHQ performance measures for high quality diabetes patient care.

“The objective of the diabetes site visit was to educate other WCHQ members about effective strategies for achieving and sustaining high quality diabetes care over time,” said Judy Nowicki, WCHQ quality improvement specialist.

According to Dr. Rick Fossen, Internal Medicine department chair, Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center, this is a group effort amongst all the providers and the support staff, lab services and diabetes educators at the Minocqua Center.

A few people attended the in-person event as seen in the photo, and over 45 people attended via remote access. Many thanks to Marshfield Clinic, Minocqua Center for hosting the learning event and sharing strategies and tools.