Wisconsin Collaborative for Quality Healthcare

Maternal and Child Health Quality Network Kickoff Event

On Tuesday, April 4, more than 100 stakeholders and experts in maternal and child health assembled in the Wisconsin Dells to learn about plans for a statewide network on Maternal and Child Health in Wisconsin. Participants came from WCHQ member organizations, health plans, public and private health entities, and government agencies.

The day began with Gabrielle Rude, PhD, of WCHQ describing plans to establish an umbrella network that will support and coordinate the work of collaboratives in child, adolescent, and perinatal health. The keynote speaker, Allen Coffman, MD, of Tennessee, provided a humorous and inspirational presentation sharing his experiences building a pediatric collaborative in his home state. Dr. Coffman was impressed with the amount of data already publicly shared in WI through WCHQ and stated that we are a step ahead because “if the doctors trust the performance data…it will impact change.”

WCHQ staff pictured with Keynote Speaker Allen Coffman, MD. From left: Matt Gigot, Mary Riordan, Dr. Coffman, Gabrielle Rude, PhD, Judy Nowicki, Susan Benjamin, and Mark Kaufman, MD.

A joint presentation by Matt Gigot, MPH of WCHQ and Andrea Gromoske, PhD of Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services, described new WCHQ measures on maternal and child health that will be available to organizations that participate in this work and plans to develop additional measures, particularly in the area of Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHN). Three physicians, Drs. Sharon Fleischfresser, Arianna Keil, and Mala Mathur, gave a presentation on CYSHN to help the audience understand the importance of focusing on this population and how to get involved.

The Kickoff highlighted the work of an existing collaborative, the Wisconsin Perinatal Quality Collaborative, WisPQC, and emphasized the need to additionally have statewide collaboratives focus on child and adolescent health. At the conclusion of the conference, more than 30 participants signed up to formally work on a collaborative or the larger network. Member organizations that have not yet signed up should contact Dr. Rude at grude@wchq.org.