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WCHQ welcomes Mary Riordan as Director of Member Engagement

June 4, 2012

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) is very pleased to announce that Mary Riordan will join our staff as the first-ever Director of Member Engagement. Mary comes to WCHQ from the Wisconsin Nonprofits Association, where she has served as Executive Director for the past three years. Mary brings over ten years of experience working for national and regional membership associations with a proven ability to work collaboratively, develop innovative membership programs, and deliver outstanding customer service.

With the creation of the Director of Member Engagement position, the WCHQ Board has recognized the importance of developing successful recruitment, orientation, and retention strategies with its healthcare member organizations. Mary assumes lead responsibility for the membership experience and will work closely with our staff and member organizations to strengthen the value of WCHQ. She will identify and recruit prospective members, foster positive relationships with existing members, and shape the development of new services to effectively address the needs of these members.

Please join us in welcoming Mary to WCHQ. Her office number is 608-826-6854, cell is 608-662-9947 and e-mail is mriordan@wchq.org.

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