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WCHQ Launches New Summary Report

October 29, 2010

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) has launched a new report on its website.

The WCHQ Measures Summary Report displays the current performance results of all WCHQ measures for a single reporting organization.

Special features of this new report:

  • Snapshot: View a snapshot of all current WCHQ performance results for one organization.
  • Benchmarks: Select from six benchmark options to assess ambulatory measure results.
  • Rank: View performance rankings, measure by measure.
  • Export: Export the performance results, benchmarks, and rankings to a .CSV file.

WCHQ thanks its member representatives within the Ambulatory Care Specifications Workgroup for their valuable assistance in developing and testing this new report.

For questions or feedback about the WCHQ Measures Summary Report, please contact Meghan Meeker at 608-826-6838 or mmeeker@wchq.org.

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