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De-prescribing meds that cause weight gain

De-prescribing meds that cause weight gain

Screening for co-morbidities

Recommended Screening for Patients with Obesity

Do I need to do a workup for secondary causes of obesity in my patient?

  • Endocrinopathy: Recommend lab workup only if patient has other symptoms characteristic of the disease
  • Cushing's
    - Symptoms: central adiposity, plethora, proximal muscle weakness, impaired glucose tolerance, skin thinning, easy bruising)
    - Diagnostic testing: Dexamethasone suppression test, Midnight Salivary Cortisol x 3, or 24 hr urine cortisol
  • Acromegaly 
    - Symptoms: sweating episodes, sleep apnea, growth of nose, hands, feet, changes in spacing of teeth, new skin tags, multiple colon polyps, carpal tunnel syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes
    - Diagnostic testing: IGF1
  • Hypothyroidism
    - Symptoms: cold intolerance, constipation, new depression
    - Diagnostic testing: TSH
  • Behavioral
    - Depression (screen: PHQ9)
    - Binge Eating Disorder (screen w/BED7)
  • Genetic testing for people who have had obesity since 5 years old [Visit Website >>]
  • History of stroke or structural brain disorder preceding weight gain: hypothalamic obesity is likely, though no formal workup has been validated.

How will patient's health risks improve with weight loss?

An interactive tool to share with patients [View Website >>]